I racconti della Lumaca :

Bisogna creare luoghi per fermare la nostra fretta e aspettare l'anima.

We need to create places to hold back our haste and wait for the soul.
Tonino Guerra

Created for the XVI Edition of the Festival ìArtisti in Piazzaî, I Racconti della Lumaca ñ Snail tales ñ is a walking guided tour-show that enriches the classical tourist visit with surprises, scenic scenes and sensorial experiences.
Located in the historical centre of Pennabilli and in the ìSoul Spacesî imagined by the poet Tonino Guerra, this tour narrates fragments of the life of this village uniting culture, tourism and theatre, in a poetic context.

A small group of spectators is accompanied by Signor Lumaca ñ Mister Snail - along an itinerary through the village: the public is immersed into a fantastic voyage together with magical characters, discovering the secrets of the recent and distant history of Pennabilli.

A reflection on time, thoughts and the soul. A journey guided by Time and Thoughts, who will follow the guests through the paths and rocky ways of Pennabilli. A surreal story where the protagonists will be the spectators themselves, invited to savour the slow taste of Time.

Length of show: approximately 2h.
ìI Racconti della Lumacaî is a production of the Associazione Culturale Ultimo Punto & Compagnia Trukitrek