Ö is street theatre designed to contribute to an awareness campaign aiming to oppose the Federal Laws concerning asylum and foreigners. (Initiative dated the 24th of September 2006, promoted by the Left-wing parties and voted on at Federal level.)

In a playful and ëalternativeí manner Lex/pulsion shows the different tests that those who wish to live in Switzerland must undergo.

"Welcome to the Cirque Helvétie!

Today you will be able to admire the Final of our Grand International Contest with guests who have come from three continents!
We have searched throughout the entire world but only three candidates have succeeded in qualifying for this Grand Final.
Today they are going to undergo the final tests and then it will be up to you, my dear Public, to vote and to choose the man or the woman who will have the honour of winning a work permit or refugee status.

And now for the finalists!

Jessica, a young acrobat, spins around on her bicycle while taking on various identities.
For each new applicant she transforms herself, she changes attitude, mask and costume.
Each time she will be asked to take on new challenges which become more and more absurd, to perform new feats which are more and more †foolish.

Here she is as Manuela Salazar, a Colombian applicant for asylum.

And then she transforms herself into Sultan Kissa, a Kurdish political refugee.

Finally she plays the role of Mamadou DambÈlÈ of GuinÈe-Conakry.

Who will be the happy winner?

That will depend upon you.

Play, acrobatics, idea: Jessica Arpin
Production, masks, writing and idea: Patrick Mohr

Lex/pulsion was presented between the end of June and the beginning of September 2006 in various parts of Geneva and in the built-up communes as well as in the Canton of Vaud within the framework of the coordinated campaign against exclusion and xenophobia