Circus artist, clown, actress, and explorer Jessica Arpin was born in Salvador, Bahia. When she was six months old she took her first aeroplane for New Orleans where she and her family lived for four years.
Overdosed on tabasco and spicy sauces, she chose, along with her parents and her brother, her new home, for the next fourteen years, in Geneva. Surrounded by Lake Geneva and the Salève she began to study the theatre and the circus at the Théâtre-Cirqule. At the age of eighteen she flew off to North Canada to continue her studies at the National Circus School of Montreal. Since then she has played on the stages, under the tents and in the streets of our world.

Brazil, Belgium, Canada, Switzerland, Italy, Nunavut - and each time in the language of the country - she has evolved a new approach to exploring boundaries within theatre, circus, street theatre and cabaret. On ëterra firmaí she has ridden her acrobatic bicycle, in the air her rope, and between the two she has juggled with words! The wind in her voice, the fire in her movements, she has played more and more in the world of the clown, a being who lives everywhere and nowhere, without linguistic, social, geographical and political limits.
Clown knows no frontiers.

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